Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Freedom of Speech-Plagiarism-Re-writing Articles and Integrity Issues in Society

Often interesting subjects come up in the World of Online Article Authoring; this is where writers and authors write articles and put them onto the net for everyone to see or for selected Internet Companies to use as content. Lately, folks have been posting article that are either plagiarized or stolen from other sources. Some are re-written from other articles and affectively attempting to subvert plagiarism rules.
Now we see folks writing articles to attract students who wish to buy term papers online by writing articles and placing in the by-line author section at the bottom; BUY NOW, term papers. This is quite offensive to academia and it upsets other legitimate online article authors as well. Many are now speaking out.
Well so am I and this is exactly the situation that upset me, as an employer I was always upset at the business degreed students and their lack of knowledge. As a speaker a business schools and colleges, Universities, some of the questions the kids would ask, frightened me to think they would soon be out in the workforce. Although in a way, I was delighted to know the quality of my future competition was so dismal that I could be on vacation and run circles around them on a Cruise Ship making two phone calls a day.
Still kids cheating in school is what is causing the plagiarism in the real world later on. One online article website has banned the selling of Term Papers online via submitted articles. Some say this is a violation of free speech to those selling the Term Papers.

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